Amazify plateform concept who provide resources to workers

Amazify, the new plateform dedicated to provide useful tutorials, insightful articles, creative inspiration and free resources for web designers, developers and about marketing

/ 11 March 2016

Amazify – 9 reasons hand-coding always beats site builders

Amazify : If you use any kind of social media like Facebook or Twitter, you won’t have been able to avoid the merciless onslaught of ads promoting WYSIWYG website development. I’m not talking about fancy software applications like DreamWeaver, but...

/ 7 June 2016

Amazify – 8 web industry surprises no one warns you about

Amazify : learn to be preventive and diversify your skills in any domains you can, just be curious.

/ 7 June 2016

Amazify – 11 free powerpoint template that look wonderful in 2016

Amazify : 11 free powerpoint template that look wonderful in 2016.

/ 6 June 2016

Amazify – Interactive Drag and Drop Coloring Concept

Amazify - A little fun experiment where you can color a website mockup by dragging and dropping a color droplet from a palette.

/ 3 June 2016

Amazify – Ways to Inspire and Stimulate Your Mind

Amazify : Writer's block. Designer's jam. Creative clog. However you call it, the inability to inspire yourself to create is as frustrating as it is costly. Because if your day job is to pull original, engaging and beautiful rabbits out...

/ 1 June 2016

Amazify – Five Ways to Make the Most of Responsive Design with LTE

One thing to keep in mind is that as LTE becomes more prevalent worldwide, faster connection speeds and load times can give a boost to responsive design. Here are five ways to successfully use this design strategy and avoid its...

/ 1 June 2016

Amazify – Fundamentals of Great UX Design

Amazify - A system’s success still depends upon how the users perceive it. Unless, the end users find anything worthwhile, they are hardly going to spend any time browsing it. This is where User Experience Design popularly known as UX...

/ 31 May 2016

Amazify – Animation for Beginners 5 Tools to Get You Started

Amazify - Animation has always been impressive. Even amongst illustrators and designers, creating moving images is an uncommon skill.

/ 31 May 2016

Amazify – The 9 Best Programming Books to Read Right Now if You Want to Distinguish Yourself

If you read just one of these best programming books this year you’ll be a step ahead of nearly everyone around you. That’s because, according to Steve McConnell, the author of Code Compete, one book is more than most programmers...

/ 24 May 2016